Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Spend July

So here's the deal: I'm moving in 27 26 days and have to find a way to store everything I own for two weeks.  That's correct, I'm basically homeless (with the exception of my old room at my parent's) for two weeks August 1- 14.  I'm lucky that my parents only live one hour from where I currently live and where I am moving to, but it still feels weird to not have a place that is just mine.

Anywho!  I'm embarking on an adventure: No Spend July - August 14.  I plan on attempting to not spend any money except:

  • Food Budget $50 for fresh produce.
  • Gas Budget $100 for gas (need it to move)
  • Emergency Fund of $200.
  • Rent
  • Bills

I guess this means that I will not be replacing my camera, that died an oily smelling death late last night.  Fear nought! I do still have the phone on my camera to capture those memories that spontaneously occur.  Oh swell.

Has anyone else attempted a No-Spend-Month?  Got any tips for me?

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